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We are living in Canada from last 7 years and me and my wife have visited many cities in search of the that authentic Indian foods, as both of us are crazy food lover and we miss our Indian cuisine here so we started exploring different cities , different restaurants but we couldn’t find that taste of homemade spices. So last year we decided to give ourselves a try and we started a Tiffin service in the town of Midland and we were shocked by the response we got from the people as we didn’t expected the much love for Indian food in a town where most of the population is native. Then after few months we started getting suggestion from the people that we should open a restaurant in the town as there was no Indian restaurant in town and people had to travel to the Barrie to eat Indian food. So in the month of November we decided to open a restaurant in the town and our journey began with a search for the perfect location. We wanted a place that reflected the harmony of cultures he cherished – a place where Canadians could feel the warmth of Indian hospitality while indulging in the rich flavors of Indian cuisine. After days of searching, we found a charming place with nestled amidst bustling streets. In the heart of  the Midland. With the support of my wife , I myself Priyank Patel transformed the dream  into a vibrant reality and started my own Indian restaurant in the January 2023 . The name “Maitreya Authentic Indian Cuisine” was inspired by the strong unity that we both India and Canada shares.