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Browse our menu and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without authentic Indian food. Enjoy the taste of our spice. Specially our “curry” selection and “Biryani”. Contrary to popular belief, curry is not always spicy and hot, it can be sweet, mild & flavorful as you wish.


Saturday & Sunday from 9:00am to 12:00PM only

Your Choice of:

Scrambled Eggs, Egg Bhurji, Omelett, PanCakes

Juice, Tea (Chai) , Coffee

Home Fries

Fruits: Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Avocado

Khari, Biscuit, Toast

Only $14.95

Vegetable Starter

Samosa (2 pieces) $5.95

served with red sauce
A fried or baked pastry with a savory filling, including ingredients such as spiced potatoes, onions and peas

Vada-pav ( 2 pieces) $6.95

Served with green chutney and red sauce.
A deep-fried potato dumpling placed inside a bread bun sliced almost in half through the middle.

Pakora ( 1 plate) $6.95

onion, potato, fenugreek, served with red sauce. vegetable coated in seasoned gram flour batter and deep fried.

Sandwich ( 1 plate) $7.95

Served with green chutney and red sauce. A baked slices of bread filling with onion, peas and chaat masala flavour.

Dahi-puri ( 1 plate) $7.95

the words dahi, meaning thick yogurt and puri, which is a round crispy-fried, and puffy indian read.

Pani-puri $7.95

puff-pastry balls filled with spiced mashed potato and tamarind juice.

Dhokla $7.95

it's eaten as a snack or even for breakfast, it's healthy: nutritious and low calorie- as it it steamed usually made with fermented batter made from gram flour.

Diced potato fries homemade ( medium) $4.95

Non-vegetable Starter (bone-in chicken)

Chicken fry $9.95

Marinated chicken with freshly ground spices, fried in olive oil , garnished with coriander and lemon juice.

Chicken lollipop $9.95

Lollipop style chicken marinated with ground spices, yogurt, egg, lemon juice and soy sauce. Deep fried and served with Schezwan sauce.

Tandoori chicken $9.95

Bone in chicken skin removed and marinated in yogurt and spices overnight, slowly fried in saute pan side by side.

BBQ Chicken $9.95

Marinated with ginger, garlic, ground spices, fresh lemon juice and gave smokey baked on grill.

Fish dry (Salmon Fillet) $15.95

Chicken Pakora ( Boneless) $9.95

Our Speciallty

Pav-Bhaji $9.95

Mashed veggies cooked to perfection on a tawa with authentic mumbai style spices served with onions, lime and pan toasted indian bread

Idlli-sambhar (Tuesday special) $9.95

steamed rice and lentil patties served with chutney and sambhar.

Masala -dosa (Wednesday special) $9.95

thin rice & lentil crepe stuffed with curried potato masala served with chutney and sambhar.

Daal-baati (Saturday special) $11.95

a popular regional dish from state of rajasthan. A variety of lentils cooked together served with baati (crushed baked dough balls), ghee( clarified butter), onion, lemon and garlic chutney..

Vegetable Curry Selection

Chole chana masala R($9.95) L($14.95)

white masala chickpea cooked with spices and can be mild or hot as per your taste

Black chana masala R($9.95) L($14.95)

black chickpea cooked with spices and can be mild or hot as per your taste.

Mutter paneer masala R($11.95) L($16.95)

green peas and cottage cheese cooked in mild tomato gravy with ground spices.

Mushroom mutter masala R($10.95) L($15.95)

mushroom and green peas cooked in onion and tomato gravy with ground spices.

Karahi paneer R($11.95) L($16.95)

cubes of cottage cheese cooked with ground spices, fresh ginger, onion, tomato, and green pepper.

Mix-veg masala R($10.95) L($15.95)

Combination for vegies cooked in a semi thick onion and tomato gravy.

Bhindi masala R($10.95) L($15.95)

fresh okra cooked with onions, ginger and home ground spices.

Began bharta R($10.95) L($15.95)

baked mashed eggplant cooked with green peas, fresh tomatoes, onions & ground spices.

Dal fry R($10.95) L($16.95)

Combination of lentils tempered with garlic, cumin and finished with desi ghee.

Paneer butter masala R($13.95) L($15.95)

Cubes of cottage cheese, cooked with creamy and buttery onion, tomato gravy, full of Indian spices !

Palak paneer R($13.95) L($15.95)

Cubes of cottage cheese, cooked with green spinach gravy.

Non-Vegetable Curry Selection

Butter chicken R($13.95) L($17.95)

chicken marinated in a blend of light spices and yogurt, cooked in a low flame with butter and cream, slightly sweet, buttery and creamy flavour.

Chicken curry masala R($13.95)L($17.95)- Bone in (Home style)

chicken marinated in ground spices, ginger & garlic paste then cooked with onion and tomato gravy.

Mughlai chicken R($13.95) L($17.95)

marinated chicken cooked with ground spices, onion, tomato and pepper.

Chicken tikka masala R($13.95) L($17.95)

chicken dish prepared with chopped onion and paper seasoned with nuts, cream, ground spices and coriander.

Goat curry-Bone In R($15.95) L($19.95)

Goat prepared by desi indian style with lots of homemade spices, onion, ginger & garlic and green chilis.

Egg masala R($13.95) L($17.95)

Boiled and diced egg prepared with herbs and ground spices, added onion and tomato gravy.

Egg bhurji masala R($12.95) L($16.95)

scrambled egg saute with chopped onion and tomato and green chilies, garnished with fresh coriander leaves.

Prawn curry R($14.95) L($17.95)

large tiger prawns cooked with herbs and spices in tomato curry.

Fish curry R($14.95) L($17.95)

fish cooked in a house style gravy.

Combo Specials

1 Person Combo (Veg $19.95) (Non-veg $23.95)

1 large Curry, 1 regular Rice, 1 plain Naan, 1 Sweet

2 Person Combo $39.95

2 regular Curry (Veg and non-veg), 1 large Rice, 2 plain Naan, Papadum, 1 Sweet

3 Person Combo $63.95

3 regular Curry (1 Veg and 2 non-veg), 2 regular Rice, 3 plain Naan, Pakora, Papadum, 1 Sweet

4 Person Combo $79.95

4 regular Curry (2 Veg and 2 non-veg), 2 regular Rice, 4 plain Naan, Samosa, Dal fry, 1 Sweet

Veg Thali $12.95

2 veg Curry, Rice, Daal, Papad/Achar, Sweet, 2 Tawa Roti

Non-Veg Thali $14.95

2 non-veg Curry, Rice, Daal, Papad/Achar, Sweet, 2 Tawa Roti

Indian Bread

Tawa roti P($1.95) B($2.95)

Naan P($2.95) B($3.95)

Garlic naan P($2.95) B($3.95)

Paratha (Aloo/Gobi/Paneer) P($5.95) B($6.95)


Plain rice R($4.95) L($5.95)

Steamed-Jira Rice (Prawn Biryani) R($5.95) L($6.95)

Chicken biryani-Bone in ($18.95)

A traditional and famous basmati rice dish cooked with your choice of chicken or shrimp with onion, ginger garlic paste, ground spices & serve with raita.

Vegetable biryani (Pulaw) L($14.95)

A traditional basmati rice dish cooked with mixed vegetables, onions, tomatoes & garnished with coriander, serve with raita.

Rajma-Chawal L($13.95)

Side Dishes

Sweets And Dessets

Gulab jamun ($4.95)

An indian cottage cheese dumpling fried & soaked in sugar syrup.

Ras-malai ($4.95)

cottage cheese sponge cake soaked in cream and cardamon flavored milk.

Lassi ($3.95)

Mango lassi ($4.95)

Falooda ($5.95)

Spirits (2 oz)

Bobamby Sapphire Gin ($7.95)

Barcardi Rum ($6.95)

Captain Morgan Rum ($6.95)

Havana Club ($7.95)

Malibu Rum ($7.95)

Jack Daniels Whiskey ($9.95)

Jameson Irish Whiskey ($9.95)

Wiser's Delux ($9.95)

Canadian Club ($9.95)

Crown Royal ($9.95)

Henessy Vsop Brandy ($12.95)

St Remy Vsop Brandy ($12.95)

Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch ($11.95)

Johnnie Walker Red Label ($11.95)

Chivas Regal 12 years ($11.95)

Glenfiddich 12 years ($11.95)

Red Wine - 5 oZ ($7.95)

Red Wine - 5 oZ ($7.95)

White Wine - 5 oZ ($7.95)

White Bottle- 75 ml ($29.95)

Tequila Shots- 2 oZ ($5.95)


Nimbo Pani ($3.95)

Pineapple ($4.95)

Pineapple & Coconut ($5.95)

Guava ($4.95)

Orange ($4.95)

Mango ($4.95)

Litchi ($4.95)

Moxed Cocktails

Janeeram ($13.95)

2 oZ. Whiskey and Jaljira flavour

Mix- Fruitam ($15.95)

2 oZ. Whiskey, 1 oZ. Rum & Mixed Fruit Juice

Our Beverage

Coco Cola B($3.95) C($2.25)

Gingerale B($3.95) C($2.25)

Diet Coke B($3.95) C($2.25)

Coke Zero B($3.95) C($2.25)

Pepsi B($3.95) C($2.25)

Diet Pepsi B($3.95) C($2.25)

Monster Energy B($4.95)

Red bull B($4.95)

Vitamin Water (3.95$)

Indian Soft Drinks

Thums Up ($4.95)

Jaljira ($4.95)

Sosyo ($4.95)

Limca ($4.95)

Fanta ($4.95)

Bottled Water

Smart Water ($3.95)

Aquafina ($3.95)

Pure Life ($3.95)

Hot Drinks

Nestea B($3.95)

Masala Chai ($3.95)

Ginger Chai ($3.95)

Kashmiri Chai ($3.95)

Bottled Beer


Bud Light ($6.95)

Budweiser ($6.95)

Coors Light ($6.95)

Molson Canadian ($6.95)


Cheetah ($7.95)

Corona Extra ($7.95)

Heineken ($7.95)

Stella Artois ($7.95)

Kingfisher ($7.95)

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